Level Up Lab

Office Space

Not only do we give you a home for developing your idea we even provide the amazing creative juice, coffee! Other than coffee there are a few other tiny amenities we offer:

  • Mentors that have experience creating mobile, pc, and console titles.
  • Business class internet with a private network.
  • Private conference rooms for those important business meetings!
  • Business and Marketing support with on site training.
  • Software licenses, hardware, and other types of equipment you may need!
  • Motion Capture and Green Screen! Want to send postcards from Fiji? Now you can!
  • Establishing connections and partners for your project/company.
  • Outside support provided by industry veterans.
  • Modular programming and art assets to accelerate your progress!
  • Business coaching from experienced professionals.

All of this is at your disposal and we don’t even try to take creative control of your project! Your team will be in full control while our team focuses on providing the best support possible to make your project into a success. We are not an investor or owner of your project, we are helpers building you and your team into professional developers/entrepreneurs.