Level Up Lab


At Level Up Labs, you will progress through four main levels: 

Level 1: Discovery

You learn about us, we learn about you. 

  • Fill out an application on our website’s Apply portal. This will help us get to know a little about your team’s experience, development progress (if any), and what you hope to get out of the incubator program
  • Make an introduction. If your application looks like a good fit, we’ll have you in to meet the team. If Level Up Lab seems like a good place for you, we’ll get an agreement in place.

Level 2: Strategy

We help you figure out how you're going to pull this off. 

  • Lay out a marketing strategy. Before you get started, you’ll work with our team to reach a plan for profitability. This way, you won’t have to backtrack if you’ve realized a potential new revenue stream.
  • Create a development blue print. “Plan your work, then work your plan.” We’ll help you generate ideas that ensures all members will survive the development phase when times get tough! Trust us, times will get tough.

Level 3: The Grind

Time to execute. 

  • Move in. We’ll supply the tools needed to survive and will help you get situated. From here on out, a mentor will be available in the space during business hours for any questions or guidance.
  • Get creating. Time to start building out your blueprint. We will facilitate Skype sessions with experts in character design, environment design, etc., to help your team hone skills in key areas.

Level 4: Final Stages

Sink, swim, or try it again. 

  • Submit product to the market. Once your game is good to go, it will be released into the market and monitored. During this time, we will help you refine and adapt the product to the best of our abilities.
  • Evaluate. This is the moment where our team sits down with you and through an intense series of reflections to predict your product’s future. Based on past financial numbers and the market’s response to the product, we will help develop a two-year plan for the product or determine if it is time to let her sink and/or try again.