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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure your head is spinning after reading through all of this information, so we’ve asked the questions and answered them for you.  If you can’t find the answers you seek on this page, feel free to contact us.

+ Q: What makes your program different than other accelerators?
Just like a lot of the other “accelerators” or “incubators”, Level Up Lab provides training and help with establishing the needed connections to be successful. What makes us different is how we go about the training process and the tools we provide to keep teams moving forward. Our mentors work closely with the teams throughout the entire process to make sure that teams do not get stuck in one area of the development pipeline. To top it off, we put our money where our mouth is and support teams by putting marketing resources behind their idea to help give it the boost it needs on launch day.

Q: What type of projects do you accept?
Anything interactive that deals with technology will get our attention.  The program is currently geared towards mobile, pc, mac, and web development. There is some potential for console development support but it would depend on the team size and requirements.

Q: How many members can a project have?
You can either fly solo or bring a fleet with you to Level Up Lab! We aim to make the program flexible to handle teams of various sizes. As long as your project makes it through our application process and we have a vacancy, you’re good to go! If at the time of submitting your application the program is full, we will put your application on the waiting list and get in contact as soon as a space is available.

Q: What type of project size is required?
Projects can be small or large in scope. Level Up Lab wants to have several different sizes of projects going on to help create more diversity in the office environment. It does not matter if your project is a 3 month or 3 year development cycle, we will consider you!

Q: Can you help us get funding?
We are here to help you succeed!  We will do everything in our power to make sure you are prepared to talk with investors of all shapes and sizes. We can try to help put you in contact with the various connections we have established and point you in the right direction but we can not guarantee anything beyond the help.

Q: Do I need a licensed company entity to apply?
Being licensed is great if you are already making revenue from other projects but it is not needed. We will help you setup an entity after graduating from the program.

Q: Do I need any experience?
Experience is an area of interest when reviewing projects during the application process but great ideas are a true rarity. If you have little to no experience but have an awesome vision, we will work with you to educate you in the areas needed. You will have to be dedicated and patient since the process takes a lot of time and energy.

Q: If I already have funding, can I still apply?
Definitely! We are here to help and produce great quality project regardless how large or small your pockets are. Funding will make your process easier but there will be areas of expertise that our team could provide to help save unnecessary cost.

Q: Is there an age requirement?
Currently the program is only accepting teams with members that are 18 or above. You could still potentially participate in the program through internships or through other channels. If you are interested in any of the “other” channels, please send us an email.

Q: Do I need to be a Louisiana resident?
This particular program requires on site participation and is geared to help grow the industry in our area, making it a requirement for majority of the members to be in Baton Rouge, LA.

Q: Do you provide office space?
We provide a shared office space where a mentor will be available if you or your team runs into any issues. If you require private space due to team size or other reasons we are equipped with several offices but may require an additional fee.