Level Up Lab

Costs & Royalties

Nothing comes free, but things can be affordable! Our shared space has multiple workstations available to suit teams of various sizes. The base price for all teams is $150 per month for rent and this gets you access to all the amenities as well as two workstations. If your team needs more than 2 workstations, additional work stations can be rented for $75 each per month. This pricing model has been chosen to accommodate a variety of team sizes and allow the program to still be affordable to smaller teams!

While we may not be developing your product, we are spending vast amount of time and effort in helping you succeed in your vision. This is to make sure that you are profitable and help our program grow even larger. That means if your project is successful, we will be rewarded for our efforts. All projects accepted into the program will have a revenue share of 10% and that money will continue funding the program to help it get even better!

Level Up Lab uses a simple formula to determine the lifespan of the royalty agreement to prevent us from growing too fat off your success! Once the project is completed and you’ve graduated from the program, the revenue share clock will start. To determine when your revenue share will be voided simply multiply the duration of the time in Level Up Lab by 3. We find this method is simple yet effective! So if you have been working on a 6 month iPhone game, you will have a 10% royalty for 18 months.